What type of family do you have?

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

First of all happy family day to all of you!

While talking about family we have found that real family does not share your DNA... (in many cases). Keep reading to find a list of types of family members and which one you are.

If you think you are alone, and there is nobody around you right now. Close your eyes and remember the last person who smiled at you, the last to ask how your day went, and indeed, you will find yourself surrounded by people who at some degree care about you. Maybe you did not show enough appreciation at the moment, but in the end, those ones who care about your well-being are called family. If something we have learned in the Kafetero family is that "family" are not those ones who share your blood DNA; it is those who care about you and are willing to look after you, lend a hand, or at least try helping when you need it. Their methods may not be the most appropriate, maybe they hurt more than help, but hey! Points for trying?

In that sense we are surrounded by a family of all types, here is a list of few:

  1. Caring: they have that motherly feeling to them. Maybe have brought you soup or recommended some during flu season.

  2. Asocial: those ones that sporadically show up when you need it, to then disappear, but are always there.

  3. The odd ones: come up with the funniest solutions.

  4. The funny ones: make you laugh in your worst times, sometimes a little childish.

  5. The realists: shut your dreams down with their "realism", but it could help to see both sides of a coin.

  6. Tough life: They are the most miss-understood. Life has been hard for them, they honestly believe that the best for you is not to help so that you can "toughen up". It can be abrasive, but they think it is for the best. Around them you can touch low points in life and blame them, but when you realise you are stronger than most around you.

  7. The optimistic ones: motivate you to dream high, super high.

  8. The judgmental: They criticise you, deep down hoping you improve.

  9. The role model: no explanation needed. You admire them, and at some level you learn behaviours from them.

  10. The one that needs you: These type help you see how important you can be.

You are everything, but one thing for sure you are not is alone. In Colombia the parents of our parents and our parents have had a harder time to let their love been known to people important to them. Saying "I love you" is one hard phrase that has weight on them to say. With the thought of "an action speaks louder than words" our parents developed a system that almost became part of our culture to let us know how special we are to them.

If you like, you can do the same to repay all these special people for the person you are today, for not being alone, and for showing you their best face, you can give them a robust Colombian cup of coffee that won't affect their health (organic) or their planet and air (Rainforest Alliance) Kafetero coffee is always a good choice. Alternatively, call them and let them know how special they are to you.

Kafetero always here to make you feel better. Kafetero is family.

100% Colombian coffee, 100% organic, 100% Rainforest, 100% Fair-Direct Trade.

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