Today our planet is greener!

In Colombia, the coffee farmers say, "we are proud of you" by removing our hats and placing them on our chest.

Today we are proud of India & China since NASA said that today our planet looks greener than 20 years ago. This is mostly through the efforts of these two countries. Where big projects have been in place to recover the environment for more than two decades, and it is finally showing results worth telling. In India alone, more than 800,000 people go out and plant 50,000,000 trees in 24 hours.

China and India were on the verge of a climate disaster in the mid-1980s due to massive deforestation. After that, they halted their deforestation projects and developed new policies to care for the forests they still had, and implemented methods such as planting trees to recover their long lost nature.

It is clear today that stopping projects that hurt the environment is necessary and it pays off. We hope that with this good news, people around the world take a better approach and precaution to help look after our environment. This is the beginning of the journey to recover our mother nature.

Special thanks to your Indian and Chinese people. Today coffee farmers in Colombia take their hat off for you and we all breath a little bit cleaner air.

With love and appreciation,


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