Surprising things that you may not know.

Today we were talking in the office, one thing led to the other, and we are surprised with the things we learned that pollute the environment. Here I share them with you:

1. Taking birth-control, hormones, or medicines: Just a tiny part of hormones or medicines are absorbed by the body; the rest are disposed of by the human body in our urine. The water facilities are unable to filter them out, and they end up in the tap water we drink (have you wondered why people are increasingly unable to have children?) and even oceans, getting marine life sick.

2. We use the toilet: the problem with this one is that when we go to the toilet, we are polluting 1.6 gallons (6 lt.) of mostly clean usable water. Once done our business, we flush when the water is somewhat still fresh and could tolerate another round. It's not only bad enough that we are already polluting clean water but the fact that this one goes into polluting larger water systems. Unfortunately, our current waste systems use water, which is not efficient at breaking down human waste. Meanwhile, soil and air do a better job at converting our waste into usable organic material.

3. Do you flush condoms? Well, according to experts more than half the population still chose to hide their "responsibility" in this manner. Meanwhile, condoms won't decompose or break down when submerged in water but they will if they are dry and in contact with soil since they are made of mostly latex (a natural material). Yet, their decomposing cycle is not as fast as fruits and organic waste. The best place to dispose of condoms is the garbage, that will ultimately lead them to monitored landfills (never throw them on the ground, animals may choke).

4. People throw electronics into the garbage! Some people do not know what to do with old electronics. These end up in landfills, where components not only last years to decompose but their toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead, and cadmium pollute the soil or even evaporate into the atmosphere. These type of substances should never make it to a landfill. Please look up in your community the appropriate way to dispose of them; most recycling centres will accept them if brought in.

You and us are looking forward for the day that nobody needs to write yet another article about the bad conditions of our planet. Everyone needs to do more to help the planet; to stop and revert global warming. By "everyone" we don't mean only households and individuals, but we need to help corporations see that their actions (operations and materials) have a bigger impact on the planet. That is why we as consumers need to buy products that assure us their operations are executed with the wellbeing of the planet & ours in mind, products with certificates rainforest alliance, organic, biodegradable, omnidegradable, and so on, are a good way to start.

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