How to make espresso without an espresso machine.

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

The type of beans are essential, here are some points that every coffee-lover must know:

  • Preferably you have got whole beans at home that you can freshly grind to extract a more flavourful and aromatic coffee. Regardless if you will prepare espresso or regular coffee, fresh ground coffee is always better.

  • Espresso is a process created in Italy, but when you marry the process with the best coffee beans in the world, Colombian. You will create a true elixir.

  • Most brands will roast their espresso pass dark, but as good espresso lovers, we want more flavour and not necessary caffeine to kick-in from our beans. That is why good Colombian Beans are preferred worldwide since you can get the most flavour and aroma even when light roasted.

  • With every level of roast, the coffee becomes more porous, and the level of caffeine decreases reason why many people might want their coffee extra dark if it is not a good quality bean. That is the reason that a good espresso is best when you have an expert roast good beans within medium to dark, which is what we have found and done with kafetero espresso beans. More caramelized taste and an soft quantity of caffeine in every drop.

Down to the basics, How do espresso machines work:

  • Espresso machines work by forcing boiling water through finely ground coffee at enormous pressure—ideally, nine times atmospheric pressure, or nine bars. That’s about 130 pounds of pressure per square inch, or roughly twice the pressure in your average truck tire.

  • Nobody can generate that kind of force by hand without specialized equipment, but you can mimic the pressurization process to create espresso-style coffee.

The best process to create espresso without a machine:

  • We tried different methods suggested by many people throughout the internet, and we found the AeroPress Method to give it the kick in aroma, flavour, and caffeine we longed. With this process, you can make a double shot of espresso, or a single shot by cutting the amounts of water and coffee in half.

You will need:

  • Kafetero Espresso coffee beans

  • AeroPress

  • Burr coffee grinder. If you don't have one, get one. It is not as expensive and the coffee (or espresso) you will prepare at home will be desired by friends and family.

  • Scale for coffee measuring or a tablespoon.

  • Kettle (Electric or stovetop)

Here is how we made it:

  • We ground ultra-fine our coffee with a Burr Coffee Grinder. Grind your beans to a fine consistency until you have 2 tablespoons (1 oz or 28.3 grams).

  • Heat 1 cup (8 oz) of water within 85°C (185°F) and 205°F (96°C). Experiment with a temperature you are comfortable with.

  • Put a filter in the AeroPress drain cap and rinse it with hot water. Put the drain cap on the AeroPress and place it directly onto your coffee mug or tumbler. Make sure you choose a sturdy cup because you’ll be putting pressure on it.

  • Transfer your ground kafetero espresso coffee to the AeroPress. Making sure the coffee is nice and tight. You can use an espresso tamp to handle this chore, or use any cylindrical item with a flat bottom that’ll fit into your AeroPress.

  • Measure out ½ cup (4 fl oz or 120 ml) of the heated water. Pour the water into the AeroPress and give it a quick stir.

  • Wait 30 seconds after stirring, then plunge with just the weight of your hand. You’ll probably feel strong resistance, but keep pushing steadily.

  • Once the plunger is fully depressed, remove the press from your cup.

  • Transfer your freshly brewed espresso to your favourite cup, and enjoy!

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