Is coffee the elixir of success and longevity?

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

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You have probably heard that coffee can help you stay awake, start your day with an extra boost of energy, or stay focus during a large project. But, according to "The 90+ Study" by the University of California Irvine Institute for Memory Impairments and Neurological Disorders and the Clinic for Aging Research and Education (CARE), in California; coffee may have a hand on helping you live longer. Moreover, when we asked a researcher of "The top 1% study" by the International Business Association (IBA) of Humber in Toronto, we discovered that coffee can also be associated with increasing your chances to succeed.

The 90+ Study investigated the relationship between lifestyle choices and longevity. The study found that people who drink coffee live longer, well after their 90th birthday. It was seen even in people who drink eight or more cups a day, regardless of the type of coffee (Instant, ground and even decaffeinated were all found to be beneficial). These findings come with a notice to interpret them with caution because they are based on observational data and cannot prove certainty.

Other study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that drinking eight cups of coffee a day, could avoid an early death. While this doesn't mean that coffee is the reason these people reached their 90th birthdays, this conclusion justifies further examination. Yet, moderation for anything in life is key.

We attended an event by the International Business Association (IBA) of Humber College in Toronto, about life and success for their top 1% series. During their research, it was found that several lifestyle choices are correlated with health and amount of wealth. We asked Karen Urrego, former researcher of the IBA about her opinion on the 90+ Study, this is what she had to say: "It is not a secret, healthy people live longer but they can also be more successful. When it comes to healthy lifestyles people tend to think we are talking about eating more veggies and exercising. However, health is not only physical, it is also mental and perhaps spiritual. Health is affected by diet, physical and other activities, relationships and environment. Positive socialization is one of the most influential towards all these factors. We researched, read and analyzed over 30 studies around the world that have found that socializing makes people happy and healthy. Coincidentally, coffee is an everyday habit of people who are social.

Consequently, we see that coffee is not only the choice of many to exchange a few words but also a drink people use when they are looking to stay energized, and focused, this is a trait of a person who is goal oriented which is another factor in a happy and healthy life. Therefore, coffee is almost ritualistic to stay calm and happy while socializing, or doing deep focus work. In addition to the benefits of coffee boosting our energy and making us happy through difficult tasks, coffee does increase the likelihood of us achieving success and living longer because we are healthy. Success is a cycle of circumstances and states, I would say that coffee definitely plays a role....".

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