How to know if “Global Warming” is real?

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

You have heard it before from people, including Trump saying that “Global warming is not real!”. Whether part of me hates to admit it, they are right. The perspective of climate change has been altered, and the current conversations are dividing society rather than uniting it to solve the problem.

The reality of global warming is that the climate is changing, but... is it due to human activities? It has gotten so out of hand that even the scientific community is divided. Recently, I came across a peer reviewed study on climate temperatures. The study says that the earth is cyclical, it has had a pattern of climate change across its life. According to the survey on the cycles of the planet and temperature, today the earth should be hotter; instead, it is colder. The poles should have had melted further more than it is today. Am I saying that I am worried we are not covered in water? Yes and no. Yes, I am afraid that we have affected the normal cycle of the planet (fact) and perhaps it includes delaying its Ice Age (non-fact, personal assumption). No, because while fighting about who is right, we are just not prepared for anything. This study and others can be all, a little, or not wrong on their analysis.

People keep talking about a literal definition of global warming as if it was the only thing we should be worried about. To our understanding "Global Warming" is merely a name we have given to the effects of human activity on the planet. It does not mean that the earth needs to be warm for it to be called global warming. Diseases, formulas, and others have been named after their discoverer in the past. We have only gotten more elaborate with names, we could assume that a man named Dr. Xavier Warming saw a discrepancy on earth cycles and named it "Global Warming" to understand it better. However we call it does not matter, at the end nobody can be 100% right but most studies agree on ONE THING, human pollution.

While we argue about how cold or hot it feels today; while trying to convince each other about whether climate change is real or not, about who is right. We could talk about the issue from another perspective, from another range of facts extremely hard to dispute. Cancer and other diseases including unintended genetic mutations in all forms are breathing down our necks. The pollution with human-made chemicals, medicines, invisible signals and other substances and materials is on the space we move, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat. Yes, the climate is changing when we talk about the effects of the changing environment (the climate) on our health and ecosystems. About people following the money while polluting their own home. These same people are the same who invited Douglas Rushkoff (leading world spokesman for future technologies) to deliver a conference worth half his yearly salary to talk to no more than ten people about technology to control masses outside a bunker they created to escape from what they described as an "inevitable event". But, it will get so out of hand that there won't be an island or a bunker to escape from it if we don’t ALL do something, the same as other big companies and individuals alike are doing to help mediate the issue. So that we can move, breathe, drink, eat at peace again. The conversations are being publicly DEVIATED TO convincing a couple few that cold does not mean global warming is faux FROM the human pollution on hand.

I hate not being able to eat without reading the label, without questioning the products intentions to deceive me into buying them while I try to protect myself, my family and the planet. I hate not being able to drink water without a filter and pray to a God that it is clean while I drink it and give it to my cats. I hate not being able to feel free to fill my lungs with clean air while I walk on the street; and across there is the sight of a factory that looks like it was brought form the worst understanding of hell with noise, flames, and smoke that are seemingly unstoppable 24 hours everyday. I hate not being able to find a papaya for the past 5 years that tastes like a papaya because it is a GMO, or a regular watermelon or grapes with seeds. I hate that as a nine-year-old child I promised myself to not have children because they would be born in a decaying overpopulated planet. Otherwise, today I would love to be a mother (the happy side, I am adopting).

This is my daily human routine today, sadly it is not only for me but for billions of us. Human pollution and meddling with things we should not like genes of other organisms is the problem. So, if it requires people to believe that we are the cause behind the tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters wether is truth or not to start cleaning our very REAL mess, then I believe in climate change.

March 15th #strikefortheplanet

With Love,


Strike for the climate Toronto, queen's park, 12:30pm

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It is not all bad news,

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