7 ways to save the planet

1. Pick up a hobby in the wild:

· Go Hiking, Scuba Diving, Mountain Biking, these sports won’t only give you more life, but you can also bring a tote with you to help clean the trash left by other humans who forgot to bring one.

2. Offer a ride to or ride public transit with your friends:

· It will help you disconnect from digital communication and reconnect with old friends and family. Or even you can create new connections plus some $$ financial help on the gas.

3. Recycle better:

· Coffee cups: Recycle the lid and holder. Throw to the trash the cup.

· Clothing: Donate it whenever possible. or Trash to our landfills.

· Electronics: Take it in person to your recycling facility.

· Kafétero Bags: you can place the entire bag into recycling but remember to remove the tin tie! - OR - Tin tie and sticker label into recycling. The bag can be organic, or garbage. Once in contact with microbes, it will decompose into organic material in less than a month!

· Always recycle glass and newspaper! (coming soon, "7 myths of recycling", subscribe to our blog)

4. Connect with your community:

· Fridays for the future has become an excellent way to awaken and unite political parties towards the well-being of the planet and us.

· It has also become an excellent way to connect with other energetic, healthy, kind people in your community.

· It allows professors, students, teachers, and other professionals in the community to stop for a day and reflect on what this planet has offered us all… a home.

5. Don’t shower every day?

· Not only it helps the planet, but it helps your skin. Breakouts or dry skin is mostly due to a ph imbalance, on many occasions, frequent showers get rid of essential skin nutrients and oils that help keep the skin young and ph balanced.

6. Plant your own tree

· & name it after you or a loved one. Giving back to the planet is one way to ensure good karma (in other words, it pays off).

7. Get a little gift for yourself:

· Such as a travel mug or travel water bottle. not only it gives the special touch of style and sophistication to your day with a personalized item, but you will feel happy and proud by helping the planet every time you use it.

· Buy for yourself Kafetero Coffee, the only coffee that is dedicated to caring about your health and planet’s every step of the way. Not only is the best Colombian coffee rich in taste and aroma but you can be sure it is pure, organic, and fresh 100%.


100% Organic Colombian Coffee, 100% Non-GMO, 100% Rainforest, 100% Fair-Direct Trade, Biodegradable packaging.

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