Our story...

Our Story


Bernardina was one of a family of twelve children born to loving parents in Colombia.  Her family owned a sizeable artisanal coffee plantation in the mountains of Colombia.  Dina and her siblings grew up on the farm, helping their parents to grow and harvest rich, Colombian coffee beans for sale to the local coffee merchants.  The work was hard, and the family was large. Life on the plantation was a good and happy one.  Sadly, due to Colombia’s armed conflict, the family was forced to move to the Capital city, leaving behind their plantation, traditions, and roots.

Once in Bogota Bernardina started her family and had three children, but in her heart, she always wished to go back to the mountains and teach her children the coffee traditions of her family.  Sadly, the conflict never got better; even in the capital, she and her family got persecuted. For this reason they lost the father, and Dina had to look alone after her children.  In 2009 a single mom with three small children got the opportunity to move to Canada to provide a safe future for them.  With only one suitcase each, without the language, and no family except themselves, they had a long journey until they arrived to Canada and started a new life in a new country. Bernardina worked hard to establish her family in Toronto, and to get her children enrolled in good schools to ensure a quality education that would provide opportunities for them in the new land.  The happy memories of her life growing up on the coffee plantation never left her mind, and she longed for the taste of the flavourful and robust Colombian coffee that she grew up with and left behind.

Kafetero Inc. is the materialization of a long-life dream; a way to pass on to her children the knowledge about the finest Colombian coffee, to become the 6th generation of the family in the coffee business and the first woman to manage it. While at the same time supporting the artisanal coffee farmers in Colombia.  The idea of creating a company to import the rich and flavourful coffee from Colombia for distribution and sale became a reality, and Kafetero was born!  Dina and her family started an small, family run business to bring the rich, Colombian coffee flavours from her home country to your home and table. 

 The coffee is 100% ecologically sourced, 100% certified organic and the packaging is biodegradable.  We’re sure that once you smell the rich aroma and taste the bold, robust flavour of Kafetero coffee, you won’t settle for anything less!